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Wood Rocking Horses for Kids - SHTM1034

Wood Rocking Horses for Kids - SHTM1034

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Product Description:

  • Cushion seat at the bottom and backside provides comfort rocking to the kids
  • It will be used for both indoor and outdoor activity
  • It is provided with proper packing in a larger corrugated box
  • Wooden Traditional Rocking Horse kids can use upto 8 years size 2ft to 21/2feet, weight approximately 4.5 kg
  • Baby and toddler rocking horses help build the GROSS MOTOR SKILL by training the use of their larger muscle groups particularly their upper body strength to keep them upright on the rocking toy. 

    Don’t underestimate the potential of a baby rocking animal developing their FINE MOTOR SKILL. Manipulating the handlebars, placing their body parts (like legs and arms) at the right place of the rocking horse all encourage coordination between the hands, arms, legs and feet. 

    We have a full collection of rocking horses and animals for babies of 6 months, 9 months, and 1-year-old plus to enjoy the benefits these rockers can provide them.

  • All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions
Color: Multicoloured
Delivery: Within 10-12 days

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