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Expression Puzzle Building Block Toy for Kids-SHTM1129

Expression Puzzle Building Block Toy for Kids-SHTM1129

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Product Description:

Wooden Expressions Matching Block Puzzle | Educational Games | Montessori Toy for Kids | Preschool Ages 3 Years and Up |Face-Changing Rubik's Cube Building Blocks

Expression Puzzle Building Blocks

12 pieces of wooden blocks
50 cards or expressions

Only Limited Stock

  • Happy Play with Expression Puzzle Blocks: The expression block toy is suitable for 1-4 people and is a great interactive play toy. The children choose the building blocks of their favourite color, strap the emoji card upside down on the table and open a printout card each time. When they see the emoji pattern on the front of the card, each child needs to quickly put the puzzle blocks together in their hand.
  • Endless joy: Logical splicing, testing hand speed, writing the patterns on the game card quickly when the speed is fast and accurate. There are tons of ways to play these games to encourage creativity and independent learning while creating beautiful patterns and works of art.
  • High Quality: The water-based paint made from selected solid wood is mildly coloured, non-irritating, the surface is covered with foil and not easy to fade. The arc corner design of the playing card is not easy to bend and is durable to play. The little board game with the changing cubes can stimulate children's imagination, practical skills of children, the ability of hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and active brain.

How to play:

🔥Shuffle all game cards and deduct them to the table to form a game deck.
🔥Each player chooses a color, and each takes a cube of the corresponding colour 4 cubes.
🔥During the game, the wooden blocks in your hand must be assembled into the same shape as the game card at the fastest speed.

 All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions

Color: Multicoloured

Type: Educational toys

Delivery: Within 10-12 days

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