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Handle Skillet with Heat Resistant Silicon Grip-SHC1007

Handle Skillet with Heat Resistant Silicon Grip-SHC1007

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Product Description: 

  • Size: 8.75 inch, 9 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch and 10.5 inch

    Weight: 2.3 kg, 2.5 kg, 2.7 kg, 2.8 kg and 3 kg

    (Glass Lid available for 9 inch and 10 inch Skillets)

    The cast-iron pan comes pre-seasoned by the factory. For better seasoning become, we recommend you reseason it before first use and maintain after each use.


  • EASY TO CLEAN: Easy to clean and maintain, wash with hot water, dry, Scott towel with cooking oil on that Scott towel and wipe all over it.
  • HEAT RETENTION: It is strong and hard which ensures that it can withstand high heat. This ensures that food gets evenly cooked.
  • IRON-RICH DIET: Gives the traditional rustic taste to your food. Add the goodness of iron to your food.
  • COOK ANYWHERE: It can be taken from the campfire to the stovetop or the oven to the grill, making it at home in every kitchen.
  • COOK ANYTHING: Veggies, bread, or meat - cook almost anything & everything 
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Lasts ages and is highly resistant to heat damage
  • NON-STICK FINISH: Pre-seasoned and is naturally non-stick. A healthier alternative to the toxic Teflon coasted non-stick Tawa.

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