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Knowledge Classification Box for Kids - SHTM1063

Knowledge Classification Box for Kids - SHTM1063

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Product Description:

Knowledge Classification Box (Numbers, Shapes, Vehicles, Vegetables, Animals and Fruits) Puzzles Brain Teaser 80 Pieces Educational Toys Kids 3+ Years | Kids Multifunctional Toys

Knowledge classification box

Package Includes

1 sorting wooden box

1 sorting lid

8 theme bars

80 wooden puzzle pieces

10 pieces each per theme

A sorting box for kids to learn and improve their memory about various themes. Identifying the differences, with mix and match options that can be played as an explorative educational activity with kids.

The box has 10 different slots and there are bars that can be used to refer each theme. 8 themes ranging from numbers, shapes, vehicles, vegetables, stationary, clothes, animals & fruits to be learned.

How to play

Play by dropping the picture that matches the theme of the bar into one of the 10 different holes in the classification box. The bars are interchangeable, based on the themes.

Improves logical thinking and stimulates creativity!

  • This is one of the most useful toys to gift kids. Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills. Made of pure wood, not cardboard
  • Enhances young learner learning, memory and cognitive abilities. In addition to fine motor skills, shape, colour and Object Recognition
  • Create a chance for your young learner to identify the differences, mix and match, and image identification. An opportunity for open-ended playing for hours together. Can be played in a team of friends or with parents
  • Aptly called the Bible the knowledge classification box is all you need to teach many early educational concepts and covers a wide range of learning for your little ones
  • Provides learning in a fun way
  • Skillset: Color & Shape Recognition, General Knowledge, Sensory Development
  • We will let the children not only enjoy the fun of the game but also learn to give and share when they play with our toy.
  • All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions
Color: Multicoloured
Delivery: Within 10-12 days

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