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Wooden Floating Ball for Kids-SHTM1138

Wooden Floating Ball for Kids-SHTM1138

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Product Description:

Wooden Games Floating Ball | Blow Tube & Foam Balls Blow Toys - Multicolor

Floating ball game
🎗️Increase lungs capacity
🎗️More fun

  • A classic science toy that is not just fun, but teaches real scientific concepts
  • This can be detected by turning the base of the pipe 15-20 degrees - the ball will remain exposed in the air stream, even if it is not directly above it.
  • Colourful and attractive designs to simulate child's curiosity
  • FunBlast Wooden Games Toy Blowing Balance Floating with blow tube and foam ball.
  • High-quality wood with durability polished smooth, shiny and it attracts kids.
  • The set of FunBlast Wooden Games Floating Ball contains a Blow tube and two foam Balls.
  • The Perfect gift for children and all age groups for fun in leisure. AGE: 36 Months & Above.

Color: Multicoloured

    Type: Educational toys

    Delivery: Within 10-12 days

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